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Proud !


Je dépasse les frontières : je suis membre de la célèbre WPJA (cercle privé et international des meilleurs photojournalistes de mariage ) et je viens de rejoindre tout récemment la WEP  ( World Elite Photographers) ! YES !

4 thoughts on “Proud !

    • Akaky says:

      AKAKY_IRL: Who is this Never person she’s speaking to?

      Me: I have no idea. Maybe it’s another one of her cats.

      AKAKY_IRL: Then why is she telling it that she will be good in English? Cats don’t speak English. They don’t even speak NotEnglish. They speak cat, assuming they speak at all.

      Me: You raise a valid point. I don’t know why she’s telling the cat that she will be good in English. Unless she’s saying that she will never be good in English; that’s a possibility, you know.

      AKAKY_IRL: Are you sure?

      Me: Not really, to be honest. I can’t see her being so absolutely dogmatic on the subject. She’s an optimistic person, I think, and I don’t see her just giving up on learning English.

      AKAKY_IRL: Or that she intends to be bad in English. She comes here, behaves like one of those kids on spring break for a week, and then goes back to wherever she’s from and behaves like a nun. And then she salves her conscience by telling herself that being bad in English doesn’t really count, not like it would in NotEnglish.

      Me: I doubt it. That sounds like you being cynical again, guy.

      AKAKY_IRL: You never know, bubba.

      Me: That’s true, but in this case I’m willing to bet good money that that’s not the case.

      AKAKY_IRL: Suit yourself.

      Me: I will, guy, I will.

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